Running in the fog

A foggy trail with trees in the distance
A run in the fog
"As I walk out on the path — the path appears." Rumi

I love going for a run when it is foggy outside, the denser the fog the better. There is a sense of calm that surrounds me since I’m not being able to see too far ahead. I find myself in a relaxed state of mind since I can only focus a few feet ahead of me at a time and not worry about what lies ahead. As I move forward through the fog I am focused on the present moment, one step at a time, one foot after another as I complete my run.

There are definitely parallels here to the work we do. In the beginning, we have the seed of an idea or we know the problem we want to solve but there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding us like the fog. By taking small steps forward we know that we are exploring and discovering our way ahead to reach our goals by keeping the eye on the destination but without the need to worry about how we will get there.

Take it one step at a time to work your way through uncertainty.

Next time it’s foggy outside go for a run and see how it feels for you. I think you will be inspired to dive into uncertainty.