Low Fidelity Newsletter

Low Fidelity is a weekly newsletter in which I explore the inner chaos of designers and how to overcome the challenges we face so that we can do our best work.

Low Fidelity is about making sense of the chaos that's within us.

Low Fidelity is about the roughness of ideas and the messiness of design.

Low Fidelity is about becoming resilient and antifragile so we can grow stronger in spite of the challenges and chaos we face.

Let's go on a journey of self-awareness, knowledge, and growth.

Together we will look within in order to better understand ourselves, the world in which we design, and the people for whom we create.

Together we will overcome our fears and break out of our comfort zone.

Together, we will seek out inspiration and stories to help us become hone our craft.

Your destiny is calling, let's go!