Poem: Projecting My Insecurities

Poem: Projecting My Insecurities

Last night I caught myself projecting.

I pushed my insecurities onto someone I love.

What unwanted behavior has my ego been protecting?

I was angry and irritated, myself I was not proud of.

For me, this is an opportunity for awareness and understanding.

To explore the behavior patterns I need to get rid of.

No more avoidance; I must spend time self-reflecting.

I must look within myself to once and for all get a hold of.

It's not easy to admit to what I was avoiding.

My hurtful actions I was in denial of.

As I played back past events, it all started connecting.

The pattern repeated over and over, which now I am tired of.

Awareness is the first step to my self-correcting.

Acceptance of my behavior will help me rise above.

I apologize and vow to take action so I stop projecting.

The people I love deserve my best, and my best, they will love!

With love,