Multicultural Names For InVision's Craft Plugin (Sketch & Photoshop)

Are you tired of using Anglo/Latino names in your designs as placeholders? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but there are people with names that are more than one syllable. Products are designed for a global audience so designers should start using names from other parts of the world. This will help make the designs feel more realistic. Using multicultural names also test your designs. Can your designs handle longer names or are you only designing with John Doe in mind?

Craft - The InVision plugin for both Sketch and Photoshop has a great feature called Type. Designers can now use real content as placeholders instead of the standard Lorem ipsum. The ability to create a custom list of content you use is pretty awesome as well. Seeing this functionality helps fill the gap of having quick access to multicultural names when designing.

I have created a list of female and male names from various parts of the world for you to add to Craft. The names are Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, African, Israeli, Egyptian, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Scandinavian, German, Mexican, French, Spanish and American.

Download the lists:  Multicultural Names

Steps to start using this list:

Download and install the Craft plugin:

Download the lists:  Multicultural Names

Click on the Text Panel Icon to open it.

Click on an empty box to add an action.

Click on the Add custom action button.

Give your custom action a name and paste the names into the box below.

Select a text box you want to replace the name in.


With the text box selected click on your newly created custom action.


Now you have a multicultural name that will be sure to make your international team members proud.

You can also watch this video by InVision which explains how to use the Craft plugin in Sketch.

Dankie, shukran, tak, dank u, merci, danke, .תודה, dhanyavād, grazie, arigatô
감사합니다, dziękuję , спасибо, gracias , kop khun, teşekkür ederim, ngiyabonga

Download the lists:  Multicultural Names

Design example created by The Purple Bunny. Download the Sketch file here.