Hello, goodbye!

Hello, goodbye!

Hello, new me
Goodbye, to the old me

Hello, leaning in
Goodbye, stepping back and fading out

Hello, being fully in the present moment
Goodbye, to the worry of the past and the anxiety of the future

Hello, sharing and being open with confidence
Goodbye, contracting and hiding from the world and myself

Hello, the deliciousness of being real
Goodbye, the masks and layers I have collected till now

Hello, self-acceptance and appreciating my journey till now
Goodbye, self-loathing and the doubt it brought

Hello, deep okayness and being a part of the universe
Goodbye, the self-attacks from the ego

Hello, beautiful and colorful life
Goodbye, friction and separateness

Hello, community and the abundance it brings
Goodbye, loneliness, and the hoarding it resulted in

Hello, connecting and learning from your experience and knowledge
Goodbye, separating and being apart from you all

Hello, living in this world and all the beauty and pain it brings
Goodbye, living in my head and all the suffering it brought

Hello, taking lead, our potential awaits!
Goodbye, fate, and dependence on others

With gratitude,