Embracing change

Embracing change

The only way is through it!

Change is constant. It's something we hear and may even repeat to others but internalizing the idea that change is ever present and living by it is the real test and where the magic happens.

Each time I come face to face with change in my life, that is the critical moment when I can either accept it, be open to it, and let it enrich my life or I can resist it and create an inner struggle that can take me off track.

For example, I recently started a new client project, which meant meeting new people; yikes! As an introvert, this is the time on a project when my social anxiety kicks into high gear. I wanted to crawl into my shell, stay in the warmth of my comfort zone, and do my work without dealing with the change in front of me, but this project was different because I needed to meet with ten new team members for one-on-one meetings. At that point, I could have easily resisted the change and delayed meeting the people for as long as possible and heightened my inner struggle, or I could dive in and taken this opportunity to learn from and grow. Instead of overthinking it, I decided to dive in and meet all the team members without hesitation, and the results were excellent. The change I experienced helped me grow and become more confident.

Resistance to change

Each moment brings change; however subtle or sudden, change gets us out of our comfort zone. We can insulate and isolate ourselves from the change outside and within us. We can even close our eyes to keep ourselves from having to admit that change is what is needed.

We can blame others or the world for instigating the change, and we can complain all we want about it, but the only way through change is to accept it and move with it.

Maybe we are afraid of doing the work needed to change our thinking and, as a result, change who we know ourselves to be, which can be a scary experience as we enter uncharted areas where we are not in control. Maybe it is because we give up control and introduce uncertainty and anxiety into our lives.

Change happens

We are changing all the time from moment to moment. Once we accept this, we can take the opportunities that change brings us. We become open to the infinite possibilities to help us learn, grow, and move towards our potential.

We can be more present and be engaged in our life and the wonder and beauty that comes with change. Change is magical.

Till next time, stay strong!