Creatives gonna create!

Person against the wall with the words Escape the ordinary.
Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

I started Low Fidelity with the mission to help creatives develop a resilient mindset so they can achieve their creative potential.

But who exactly are the creatives? Let's explore!

A creative creates. They create because that is what brings them joy. They have an innate longing to express themselves through their creations.

A creative enjoys learning. They seek information to understand the world better and gain new knowledge so they can combine ideas in new and exciting ways to share with the world.

A creative is flexible. They adapt to new surroundings, ideas, and people quickly. They adapt to change because they know that change is the one constant in life, so they go with the flow and are willing to hold on to ideas until a better idea comes along.

A creative experiments. They try things out and learn without worrying about the outcome because they learn through doing. The journey they take and what they learn along the way is what they

A creative seeks challenges. They are constantly evolving and seeking opportunities to step out of their comfort zone because they know that is where they will grow.

A creative is intuitive. They have a keen sense of what they need to do. They imagine possibilities, give in to those feelings, and then work on validating those ideas.

A creative is realistic. They understand the facts around them and take measured risks. They don't overestimate or underestimate outcomes which helps them stay grounded and flexible.

A creative is passionate. They have an intense and compelling drive to bring their ideas to life. They will find ways to make it happen.

A creative is sensitive. They pick up on cues in the people around them and their environment that others may miss. They are also open to sharing their feelings and emotions and are nurturing with those around them.

A creative is resilient. They know how to pick themselves up after a setback. They see the direction they need to go in, and life will not stand in the way of their dreams, goals, and potential.

A creative thrives on uncertainty. They are open to the changes around them. They adjust to new information and are flexible in their approach.

A creative needs solitude. They need time for solitary reflection to nurture their creativity, make new connections, and be more in touch with their inner universe.

A creative has a beginner's mind. They are willing to see everything as if it was the first time. They are open-minded, playful, and childlike in their approach to life.

A creative never stops evolving. They are always seeking new ideas, approaches, and points of view to help them understand themselves and the world around them. They know that life is constantly changing and tap into the energy it brings.

So who is the creative in the mission of Low Fidelity, which is to help creatives develop a resilient mindset so they can achieve their creative potential? The creative is you and me; it is all of us.

You are a creative! Go forth and create!

Thank you for reading and being a subscriber to Low Fidelity.

Till next time, stay strong!