What I'm doing right now

People often ask me what I’m doing now, and I never know where to start, so here's what has my attention these days.

πŸš€ Low Fidelity Newsletter & Podcast

I am going all-in with the Low Fidelity newsletter. As a stretch goal to interview people I am also starting to have conversations with designers as I kick off the podcast.

🍞 My Sourdough Journey

I was finally able to get my sourdough starter going. It took many attempts but I have finally succeeded in keeping the starter alive. Let the bread-making begin.

πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Hejsan! Diving into relearning Swedish

I lived in Sweden for a few years as a kid. Once my family moved to America I never had the opportunity to speak Swedish and forgot a lot of it. I recently learned of a way to acquire a language which is by immersing in the language through listening to people speak it on podcasts and shows.

πŸ“š Reading kids books

Every day before bed I hide a picture book for my son under his pillow. It started out as a way to surprise him and now has grown into our going to bed ritual. The look of anticipation on his face to find out which book he will discover is priceless. To my surprise, many of the books have messages that apply to us adults as well so be on the lookout for related posts in the Low Fidelity newsletter.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for starting the Now page revolution. πŸ™πŸ½

Last updated: November 2021